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Anthony W. Brown is a new minister serving the congregation of the Greater Peace Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Terrance D. Bulger. He is also an author, multi-media coordinator, community volunteer, small business owner, freelancer, and entrepreneur. As founder of Anthony W. B. Books & Media LLC, he provides digital graphic design and web development services for clients in need of technical support. A man of diverse professional experiences, Anthony also has a background in legal services, tax preparation and event planning. His skills include computer programming, technology support, creative problem solving, and critical thinking.


Anthony currently sits of the executive board of the African American Student Association and is a graduate of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, a faith-based educational organization dedicated to providing instruction and training on how to achieve personal and professional success by following God’s principles found in the Scripture.

He is currently pursuing both an Associate’s Degree in General Studies and with concentration in Computer Science from NorthWest Florida State College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies from Luther Rice College & Seminary. Committed to lifetime learning, Anthony’s next goal will be his PhD. He has garnered dozens of academic awards and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Given his success, it’s hard to believe that Anthony came from a difficult childhood. Born in Portland, Oregon in 1976, he was shuffled between foster care and his biological parents. At an early age, he was exposed to dysfunctional family dynamics that involved a great deal alcohol consumption and rowdy parties. Because of family instability at the time, and having tremendous energy with little impulse control, he understandably had a great deal of difficulty in school.

In hindsight, it became clear to Anthony that he must have suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by having problems paying attention, excessive activity, and/or difficulty controlling behavior that is not appropriate for a person’s age. He was diagnosed as child and later on as an adult. However, he was never properly treated, and by the time he was 12, it was predicted by his parents, by school officials, and by mental health counselors that his behavior would most likely lead to criminal activity.

Fulfilling their predictions, Anthony eventually spent his time on the streets and was soon swept into the drug trade. At one point, in prison for the sixth time and during a period of solitary confinement for fighting, he accepted Christ in his life. This moment of revelation and acceptance changed the course of his life. During the rest of his incarceration, he often attended chapel, completed a faith-based program, and attained vocational certifications in legal assistance, horticulture, and PC support. Upon his release in 2013, he continued this path, joined the local church, wrote a book, and started college.

Although it was difficult at first to find employment because of his criminal history, he persevered and is now happily married with three daughters. His life is a testimony to the positive power that the word of Christ has on a life that was spiraling downward. In his current roles as author, minister and community volunteer, Anthony is clearly on the path to continued personal, professional and spiritual growth.