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Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Activism | 0 comments

Can an Career Criminal Have a Change of Heart?

Can an Career Criminal Have a Change of Heart?

Can an Career Criminal Have a Change of Heart?

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Activism | 0 comments

A seasoned criminal enters the penal system with the same old thought patterns and then he met Jesus and ends up answering a proposed question “How Can I Make a Difference.” The inmate answered as follows:

I offer the following views, experiences, and convictions. There are two main points that I challenge the reader of this essay to bear in mind.  First is the word different which is defined as not alike; not the same; unusual.  Second is the effect of being different that promotes a positive influence on others.

Bringing this topic home and making it relevant (in the prison environment), one would not have to look beyond the horizons in order to make a difference.  That means making a difference begins right here.  In my current surroundings (prison), a person that is “different” stands out whether for the good or the bad.  In the positive prospective, which is the focal point here in this article a decision has to be made to be not like, not the same as and unusual to the person that brought me here or to the stereotypical inmate.  Taking a look at the person that brought me here, not just brought me here on this trip but essentially acquired seasonal passes to various institutional parks.  I like to refer to this person as the “old man.”  The old man was the epitome of selfish, rebellious, self-centered, ignorant, delusional, lost, and hateful.  Do not forget insane according to the old adage “doing same the thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Making a difference from being different comes from reversing each one of the characteristics of the “old man.”  That means in exchange for selfishness start practicing selflessness which is a continuing effort to be aware of actions that will affect others.  Like putting others before you.  A rebellious attitude (not having respect for authority) in exchange for obedience, practicing following rules.  Self-centeredness in exchange for viewing everything in relation to others.  Ignorance in exchange for gaining knowledge through various opportunities i.e. programs, school, vocational programs, library, law-library, chapel, reading, etc.  Delusional to understanding that being anti-social is not the same as being a isolationist or relating to not socializing with people, but that one can not conform to society rules and standards.  Lost to finding a spiritual foundation, which I found a solid rock in Jesus.  From being hateful, to loving others and from being insane to having a sound mind realizing that the old ways just were not working.

Whether cognizant or subliminal, wanting to admit it or not, people will recognize a person who changes his direction in life.  Moreover, a person making a difference is a light of hope in the eyes of despair. Today I can make a difference by making a decision to be different from the “old man.”

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