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Posted by on Mar 23, 2017 in Anthony's Blog Posts (misc) | 0 comments

See Yourself Blessed!

See Yourself Blessed!


Let me make my case eye to eye although I know at times I will look to the hills. What a joy I get when I see someone grasp hold of understanding and knowledge. Especially so, if the grace is on them to share it correctly with others out of love. Two areas that stand out in my mind that I believe is of great importance. One is  as a believer rightfully dividing the word of Truth, and two is in the efforts being made to teach the underprivileged skills in relation to technology.  

For the sake of me not having sources and such I will not make this a history lesson. However, we can look at this in the abstract or a pragmatic view. Because I have to look at things from a Biblical viewpoint, it has helped me to be meek and not develop bitterness in light of people’s quest for dominance. The focus of this article is in relation to Africans and African Americans; however, I will not exclude the ones from other ethnic group that were deemed outcasts or poor. Also, let me  make this point clear. My love is for all people and just as I have a heart for the ones who have been oppressed I also have a heart for the ones that eyes are blinded by the belief in  social darwinism whether the engrafted belief is known or unknown to the individual or masked in disguise under the pretense of Biblical foundation. Indeed, it is the heart of man which is wicked and deceitful. Man’s heart in juxtaposition of history will point to a sovereign purpose working itself out. As I ponder these things, and I study world civilization coupled with the Bible I have concluded that it is not my purpose to change what is to be. Alas, I would not dare use that conclusion to act in complacency.

When I was around maybe six or seven I was looking in a medical encyclopedia and discovered the word immunologist. Thus, I learned how to spell it and pronounce it. I knew it was not a commonly used word so I would tell people that is what I wanted to be when I grew up. In fact, that is what I wanted to be. Around the ages of six and seven is a great time to ask a kid what they want to be when they get old. Even in the roughest of inner city hoods hardly will you ever receive a response that a kid aspires to be a drug dealer, or definitely not a prostitute, drug addict, thief, crook, felon, or a person living paycheck to paycheck. Therefore, most people who end up like that had a vision or idea either in theory or reality at some point in life to be more than what he or she has become. It is an absolute truth that the world will always have the poor on this side of judgment. But when you consider that certain demographics are expected to fall into one of the groups, then you would have to look at the causes. Of course many factors are contributable to the cycle that at one time seemed endless. There is no argument that a person is responsible for his or her choices. However, if you look a little closer you can find  and trace root causes up to a point apart from the effects from sin.. For African Americans, it begin with the Atlantic slave trade. America gained much of its wealth during this time. Ironically, while Africans were making the slave owners money the slave owner’s children were getting educated. It was prohibited on the majority of plantations for a slave to read. Hence, the jumpstart in society was not just financially but in all other areas of advancement also. This  seriously placed an entire ethnic group in position that it would seem they would never catch up.

Because of the Enlightenment period and Industrial revolution Europeans saw themselves in a special light as superior and they viewed people of “colored” skin as being lesser. Quite often African Americans were belittled. Inevitability, it was discovered that African Americans could do some smart things too. After slavery ended a plethora of injustices towards African Americans continued to place them at a disadvantage. If you look at how the economic structure is set up—a low income group has to exist so that the mechanics of the ole supply and demand wheel stays in motion creating a bigger expanse between the poor and the rich.  But I am not going to get into all the cruel social systems that followed and the intricate details. Most assuredly I would like to point out that none of the attacks that has been executed on African Americans give cause to the foolishness and attitudes that has been around for many years within the ethnic group and especially when it started affecting the communities. Today we have made a lot of progress but there are still many communities across the nation that seem like that they will remain with caught in a progressive cycle of high incarceration rates, drugs, violence, and broken families.

Whew, I had to paint a picture. Many times I have questioned all of this, prayed, etc. Then I am reminded that in this life we will have trials and tribulations. Then you would ask why the joy? African Americans should be warned now to not look at themselves as a superior race or the seeds sown will produce the same way it will did or will do in the former crop. In fact, if you look at all the prior crops throughout history you will discover some things were sown  along the way that produced its fruit. Ultimately, making room for the next crop to be established in the land.

It is my belief that technology will be favorable to African Americans, Africans, and the other less fortunate. Outside of the box thinkers were often viewed as slow or anti-social (by the way, that word means that you can not conform to society.) but they will be a  factor in this new revolution that we are in which is called the Information Revolution. That is why a hunger that seems unquenchable is awaking in such persons who desire to gain knowledge and understanding. Imagine many years of discouragement, then all of sudden there is encouragement and hope. Once one recognize a lie that has been embedded in one’s psyche for so long a quest for truth is awakened.  Hopefully, while on this new journey they will also discover the One who is the The Way, The Truth, and The life. However, this revolution has crept in and lies are being unfolded while the ones blinded are still believing lies. Although many attempts will be enacted to curve the path of this global and dynamic change it can not stop the course of events. Maybe I am totally off point and the Lord Jesus returns before something like this ever occurs. But for me, to learn these skills is a must to raise out of the snares that has been placed on my path.  Again the ones who act in love and compassion to other ethnic groups will be blessed. In the event, I am right remember the lessons of times past—Love God with all your heart, love your neighbor as yourself no matter what color, remember the poor.  Thanks for letting me share why I get joy when I see African Americans in numbers being introduced to the tech world. Reach for the stars and pay it forward!

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