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Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Anthony's Blog Posts (misc) | 0 comments

What is the Point?

What is the Point?

Most of the time I write I like to have sources . That habit developed while I was an inmate law clerk . Interestingly, I learned how to maneuver that process well. However, there are times when I fell a little philosophical , and I just want to vent. One thing that is standing out in my mind is that the fact there are principalities in high places . In other words, there are unseen spiritual influences. Another thing that stands out in my mind is how we as people are like sheep. Needless to say whoever one’s shepherd is depending on that person . I can not answer some of life’s mysteries . All I can believe is what I believe and since I am a Christian I believe what the Bible says .

Often I ponder other people in other countries that all he or she knows is another god or gods. While pondering I consider the life I live and how it is what it is. To some extent I have a choice, and in other areas I do not. I do not decide my birth sex, race , features, etc. I do not decide where I am born or who I am born too. Then I consider what makes me happy. It might not be the same as what makes you happy. Systems and governments rule. People cry, and prominent individuals rise to a cause. Who controls this? Who is right? Who am I to ask? I can answer this in different ways and you can accept it on whatever you believe. Obviously, there is good and evil. Then what if there was no afterlife. Then life would be pointless. A person would be mere spec in the universe that creates a continuum to nothing. So I must believe that there is a point in existence. Therefore, I can find solace in knowing that the place that I will spend longer than the present will be in a place that the evil present will not be relevant. Oh but it is relevant now . So what do I do? As I watch and listen to the media, politicians, religious institutes, and the like spew nonsense according to his or her own agenda , I ask myself what is the point . Then, I look at history, and I see there is a point. People have gone mad trying to figure it out.

Then some people have been immersed in their own-selves and agenda they miss the whole point . Well, then why would I believe the Bible. I will tell you. It is because it is the only place I have found truth to the answers that I ponder in my mind and heart. At one time, I could not see or understand it. Then, I look at history and ponder the fact that people throughout centuries have tried to make sense of life. Most people miss the fact that the enemy or the evil one has rule for now on this earth. Maybe I am just that naive to believe the Bible. However, I would argue that it is evident . Although I did not live the life King Solomon did, I can relate when he said it is all vanity. If life did not equate to fearing God and keeping His commandments then I would have to believe in something other than God. And if that is the case, then I would be a part of the thought of a universal continuum of nothing. Thank you for letting me share and vent.

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