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Posted by on Apr 8, 2017 in Activism | 0 comments

When a Name Has Meaning

When a Name Has Meaning

GUESS WHAT? I feel compelled to explain why I named the computer coding class Past & Future Corp. Awhile back I wrote an article titled, “Every Saint has a Past & Every Sinner has a Future” to pour out my heart on issues that are relevant to the area I reside–hoping to let those who can hear such a cry to respond. In other words, I am referring to the church. Indeed, there were responses that showed it hit home and there were responses that showed the opposite. But what compelled me to title the article  “Every Saint has a Past & Every Sinner has a Future” is because that is what I heard the judge say right before I had got sentenced when I was a sinner dead in my trepasses and sin.


In 2010, I had got sentenced to ten years in prison. The judge showed mercy to the defendant who got sentenced right before me by departing from the sentence that the law said was her just due. The state attorney was upset and argued vehemently that he could not do that. Then I heard the judge say, “Every Saint has a Past & Every Sinner has a Future” and pronounced a reduced no jail time sentence. Well, I took that as he was in a good mood. My name was called and the judge sentenced me to the statutory maximum. Ironically, mercy and justice appeared that day (Reason for the Image above). Back in the jail, I was pondering in my mind as usual and came to the decision that I would just intentionally be evil. I did not care about who it would harm or any consequences. When I share things about me I am cautious because I know where I was at, and it was truly in a dark place entangled in a web of sin, sorcery, hate, rebellion, hating Jesus, etc. Throughout my life I explored the idea of other religions and as I a kid I wanted to learn black magic. Now here I am sitting in a jail cell and up to that point in my life at 33 years old, it has been wasted. However, my future graciously appeared a few weeks later. I wrote about that too, and so I can share this link where you can read about how God opened my heart Changed Man. I will make a note that once I knew I was forgiving I was trying to get everyone in my jail pod to get the message (Gospel). But I was an infant in the Lord, and I had no idea that the reason I could not see Jesus is was because I was spiritually dead.


For some reason, due to all type of events, circumstances, and attempts I ended up having to try and create a job for myself. Certainly, I worked various jobs since I have been home, but I realized another issue. I was in the same position just as if I did not have a job where the jobs was not paying the bills. After I had got saved back in 2010, I trained to become a law clerk, started learning skills and taking classes. Once I came home in 2013, I continued to push to learn. In fact while I was in prison as a law clerk, I was told that I was a pretty good law clerk by my co-workers. Looking back, at the cases that I argued (including my own which I won a reversal of the ten year sentence, by the grace of God) overall I had success in litigation even getting an inmate a conditional grant of a writ of habeas corpus with the federal circuit court which corrected his sentence. It was not me, but it is God who created me with a mind. So I began to apply for jobs I knew I was competent in and that would pay better. That was a dead end. As I began to research, I was seeing a trend across the world in technology and people from all walks of life taking advantage of whatever program they went through by learning coding skills that made them in demand or at least giving them the skills to earn additional income. Long story short, (that is a inside joke for the ones that know me 🙂 ) after months of researching and networking the program was developed and there is no better name to call it than Past & Future Corp. It is not just about me but for whoever else catches the message about his or her future. It is my earnest prayer that the Lord will bless this endeavor and help me build the right team because I realized helping others with the gifts God gave me is not for me to keep to myself. I have to give acknowledgment to my wife, family, and kids who is remaining strong while I fervently spend hours being in the matrix working.  

God bless.

Anthony W. Brown

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