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By Anthony W. Brown

The semantic shift of the word hypocrite has drastically changed from its original connotation 2,000 years ago. Today it is thought of as someone who does the opposite of what he or she says. In addition, a hypocrite can be viewed as one doing the same thing that he or she condemns. However, that was not the archaic meaning of the word. For example in the Greek or Aramaic, the word described a person who was not the person who they portrayed to be, hence, an actor.

It is socially acceptable to play the role of an actor nowadays. In this tech-driven world, we have a new dimension of social interaction we call social media. MySpace had the correct name describing the new way of socializing. Many connections and introductions have been made by way of socializing on the many platforms out there. Many times people have fell victim to a profile illusion. In fact, people can be an avatar in real life by revealing things that inflate his or her status or by becoming someone else. We even have a reality show out now that makes entertainment of people tricking others by being who they are not.

A lot of jobs today has the requirement for the applicants to provide social media links to see if he or she is a good fit for the company. Indeed, these companies have an image to protect. Many companies even have training sessions on how to use your social media appropriately. Ironically, many powerful entities are ethically flawed but pay a lot of money to promote a good image. If you have taken an ethics class in college, I am sure you may have had the project where you learn about some of these companies. However, that is not the focus of this article. The focus here is that often times in the business world we have to encounter actors. Imagine a whole conglomerate where there are but a few people who are authentic.

The underlying impetuses to this tragedy are greed and selfishness. Think about the salesman who starts small talk so he or she can get his or her pitch. Personally, if I sense that one is doing this often times I cut them short. Then there is the rhetoric. Marketing is based on psychological influences to persuade. Since the majority of society believes in the ideological view of evolution, I would propose the question, is this what we evolved into? A world where lies are called alternative facts? Sadly, this trend is progressing rapidly. Sometimes I consider if I should join this masquerade because of my understanding of humanities weaknesses surely I could climb this latter. God forbid! Instead, I choose to be myself and the same wherever I am at. Oh what a joy to be who you are without having to be a sycophant or a puppet to make a living. A joy where you can be who you are with a love for your neighbor regardless of race or belief. Alas! The Golden Rule has lost value and has become gold plated.

Thankfully, I have met some real people over the last few years who have encouraged me. I am thankful for the hypocrites too; although, I am not happy that they are trapped in such a state. One thing I promised myself on this journey called life is that when I get in the position that my destiny has called me to be in is to pay it forward to the ones who are working diligently to become a true asset to society. In other words, my ear is not to the affluent but it is to the ones often time are overlooked. This is way I having a saying “that the answer to a lot of problems is not in the box but outside of the box.” Inside of the box is a world of falsities and alternative realities, just like a Hollywood movie. Thus, a need for actors will remain in high demand. The good news is that knowing the Truth will allow you to take off the mask and be thankful for who you were created to be.

Anthony Brown

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